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Junk Flash

2008-02-10 15:53:30 by D-Generate

It's a fact. The portal is being spammed by a lot of people. This is unnecessary. With this I call for everyone on NG that's decent to stop this.Comment below and join the fight. We can do it if we actually vote 0. And I'd also like to ask several people(Fivemoon, Star Syndicate, Socom Squad, k0x, Fleek, Veindigger, Kitty Krew, Robot Rangers): Why? That's all I need to know. Why? Why do you insist on doing this?


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2008-02-15 17:39:47

Yes, we know. How about joining an anti-spam club like me? Here, comment


2008-02-18 14:48:52

I will help kill those flashes. You forgot to put the kittykrew in your list.

D-Generate responds:

Oh yeah, gotta do that.