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2008-12-23 12:06:12 by D-Generate

Ask, you sexy Clocks


2008-04-06 15:02:00 by D-Generate

...go here.

Talkative BBS Threads of the Week #1

2008-02-24 15:15:58 by D-Generate

Hi there. This is the first publication of my weekly article, Talkative BBS Threads of the Week. In this page, I will cover the most talkative/unusual threads in the BBS.Mind you, there is no order in this. Since I'm only on NG in awkward hours due to my time zone, feel free to PM me about threads that fit in my description. Well, let's get started, shall we?
***EDIT***: Due to lack of threads in the week after this one, the next issue will cover these two weeks. Lucky you.

Thread name: Ack! My sprites are ruined! I need-
Author: Retro-Cube
This thread is about a kid who needed help with his sprites. So he decided to ask NG. BAD IDEA! After some advice, Psycho suggested deleting his System 32 folder. Seven pages later, there were no news from Retro-Cube, until now. Obviously meaning he actually deleted his System 32 folder. Dumbass.
Link: 9607/1

Thread name: Phantox: Part of the NG cancer
Author: Whatty
Status: Open
This is about a guy who hates Phanx for the fact he makes hentai submissions. Cry me a river. As expected, a lot of NG users stood up for him, until Phantox actually apperared. Obviously he defended himself and a flame war started. However the fire died down and the thread is stale. Not locked, mind you.
Link: 3062/3

Thread name: God wants me dead.
Status: Open
This is one of the finest BBS stories ever. It's about a guy who goes to the hospital and some weird things happen...ah well, see for yourself.
Link: 4807

Thread name: you fucks wanna hear about MYnight?
Status: Locked
This is a parody thread to another one. It's good for a laugh. Go take a look.
Link: 4112

Well, this concludes the first issue of my news post. This will be updated weekly.


Love list

2008-02-23 05:10:26 by D-Generate

Since this whole 'love list' trend is spreading across NG, I've decided to make one of my own. Note that there is no order in the list nor is there a description. If any of the people in the list want a description, ask me.
Here goes:


That's right. It's short, but at least everyone here is worthy of being here. Thanks guys.


New weekly article

2008-02-19 18:02:09 by D-Generate

Hi. This post is to inform you good users that this Sunday my new weekly article will start. It's about the BBS. Can't reveal much now. And from Sunday onward it will be updated weekly. For now, stay with Brian Buttdrag.

New weekly article

Junk Flash

2008-02-10 15:53:30 by D-Generate

It's a fact. The portal is being spammed by a lot of people. This is unnecessary. With this I call for everyone on NG that's decent to stop this.Comment below and join the fight. We can do it if we actually vote 0. And I'd also like to ask several people(Fivemoon, Star Syndicate, Socom Squad, k0x, Fleek, Veindigger, Kitty Krew, Robot Rangers): Why? That's all I need to know. Why? Why do you insist on doing this?


2008-02-04 11:48:25 by D-Generate good.